Initial Statement on Verdict of George Zimmerman Trial From Occupy Wall Street (Occu-Evolve)

Initial Statement on Verdict of George  Zimmerman Trial From Occupy Wall Street (Occu-Evolve)

July 13, 2013

This evening, we witnessed yet another travesty of justice in the ‘not guilty’ verdict on all counts against George Zimmerman the vigilante murderer of Trayvon Martin. Although many appear to be surprised, angry and or saddened by the verdict there are large swaths of the African community who are not surprised. Not to mention other oppressed communities across this nation. We in Occupy Wall Street (Occu-Evolve) and others groups with the Occupy Movement would first like to express our condolences to Trayvon’s family for they are most closely affected by this verdict, and then to all those who knew and were friends of Trayvon. Please know that we are with you through all this in spirit and solidarity. No parent should lose their son period but especially under the circumstances of racial profiling and stalking. Nor should any parent or any community be subjected to a judicial process that is already fixed against them and stacks a jury that doesn’t include its peers. We stand with you in whichever direction you wish to go from this point moving forward! That said, we also call on those who are outraged or dismayed by this ‘decision’ to remain CLEAR on the underlying issues in not only this case but nearly all cases where black or brown life ar taken by others, be it the horizontal violence within our own communities and the vertical police and vigilante forces that surround and Occupy black and brown communities under the premise of protecting it, but in reality only protect property and often that of the wealthy or corporations, rather than the community itself. This undeclared war on black and brown communities is centuries old and didn’t start tonight but has continued since the first European set foot in America and began the decimation of Native Americans only to later enslave, brutalize and control African people and eventually other communities of color and the poor.

Although many in activist communities know these truths to be self-evident we now call on all people across this nation and indeed around the world to look closer at the system of ‘justice’ in American and preponderance of ‘democracy’ before blindly accepting anything that comes its judicial,legislative, and/or executive branches of government,  because in reality all institutions of power function and are all tied together. Locally we in New York City are calling on all people to mobilize at Union Square at 6pm July 14, 2013.

This is but our initial statement on this verdict, further statements and actions will soon follow.

Occupy Wall Street(Occu-Evolve)

And above all OCCUPY AND ORGANIZE (until we get) JUSTICE!!

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